Sabres Grand Final Winners!

Congratulations to our Sabres Under 12 Girls (VC Reserve), Under 18 Boys (VC Championship) and Under 21 Girls (VC Championship) Grand Final winners for 2018!! 

It wasn’t just the players who stood up on the big stage. Special recognition also goes to two SBA referees who got their opportunity to officiate in MUVJBL Grand Finals. Paige Gilchrist was in charge of the Under 12 Boyc VC Reserve Grand Final, while Jack Charnley was responsible for the Under 12 Boys VC Championship Grand Final.

Friday Night Results:

Under 12 Sabres Girls def Diamond Valley 50-46. MVP: Jasmine Perry.

Stella Sakalas 12 points, Jasmine Perry 9 points, Remy Phillip 9 points, Clementine Schuh 8 points

Under 18 Sabres Boys def Melbourne 61-56. MVP: Sam Talaupiu.

Tyrone Simos Primerano 16 points, Kingsley Box 14 points, Samuel Taulapiu 12 points

Under 21 Sabres Girls def Waverley 51-42. MVP: Chloe Hicks.

Ella Batish 10 points, Morgan Riley 10 points