BSMART Basketball

The Smart Sabre Program

NBL1 Sandringham Sabres superstar, Brittany Smart has developed the perfect basketball program for YOU!

Programs for every ‘season’ of Basketball: Off-season, Preseason and In-season.
The programs include Basketball Specific Strength and Skill to create the most durable and versatile hooper. The aim is to reach your potential and play pain-free in the name of longevity.

The Smart Sabre Program

Exclusive Offer for Sabre Players
$59.00 per month for a 6 month term
Normally $99.00 per month, exclusive to Sabres players only for a limited time.

What is it?

An Online Offseason Program:

  • Basketball Strength x 5 days a week
  • Basketball Skills & Drills x 2 days a week
  • Basketball Jump + Conditioning x 1 day a week
  • Basketball Flexibility x 5 days a week

Sabres athletes check your emails for the discount code

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