Board Vision, Strategy & Values

SBA Vision:

To be a recognised and respected basketball association where our people feel included and proud to belong

SBA Stakeholder and Communication Plan:

The SBA Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plan has been developed to support the strategic pillar of ‘Communication and Engagement’.  It details how the SBA engages and communicates with all internal and community stakeholders.

The SBA Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plan can be downloaded here:


At the SBA, our values are about ‘doing the right things well’. Our values are a shared understanding of what we stand for as an Association. They describe the things we are not willing to compromise on in any situation – with our community and with each other. Living our values together, helps us to achieve better outcomes. Together with our Code of Conduct, our values guide our behaviours and help us make decisions in the best interest of everyone.


To provide a culture of excellence, underpinned by the principle of inclusion and fairness, that encourages and supports strong leadership across junior and senior domestic competitions, that creates accessible pathways to representative programs, and promotes the active involvement and participation of the community in all areas and at all levels of basketball.

Respect – We respect each other regardless of position, role, background or ability.

Health, Wellbeing & Fun – We foster a community-based environment that is safe and family friendly, that promotes health, wellbeing and fun for everyone.

Trust – We earn trust through our actions, we look after each other and don’t let people down.

Integrity – We act with an uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles; demonstrating integrity and honesty at all times.

Quality – We ensure quality through our commitment to continual improvement and best practice in everything we do.