Q and A regarding SBA Shut Down

Q and A regarding SBA Shut Down

Dear SBA Members,

Please see below the answers to some of the questions you will no doubt have since the suspension of basketball activities last Friday.


Question         Will the Summer 2019/20 finals still be played?

Answer           At this stage we are planning for them to be played, dates to be confirmed


Question         Is casual shooting still available?

Answer           No, casual shooting, games, clinics and training are all suspended until further notice


Question         When will the stadium re-open?

Answer           A date to re-open has not been determined yet, we will keep our members updated on our website.


Question         Will the NBL 1 season still go ahead?

Answer           Basketball Victoria is the governing body for the NBL1 and Big V competitions. When a decision has been made, we will post the details on our website.


Question         When can we play Sabres again?

Answer           Basketball Victoria have not announced when the next round has been scheduled for, we will notify all Team Managers when it is.


Question         Will my Sabres team still be training?

Answer           No, all training is suspended until further notice


Question         Can my Domestic team still train?

Answer           You will need to contact your Domestic club, the SBA recommends that all training should be suspended until further notice.


Question        Can I have a refund from my Domestic club for the Winter 2020 registration that I have already paid?

Answer           You will need to contact your Domestic Club


Question         Will the camps still be on during the school holidays?

Answer           Clinics have not been confirmed for first term school holidays, updates will be posted regularly on our website


Question         When will the 2020 Winter domestic season start?

Answer           A starting date has not been finalised, updates will be provided on our website