2020 SBA Winter Registrations

16 March 2020

Good afternoon members,

Subject: 2020 Winter Registration

Due to the temporary closure of the SBA, all junior and senior registrations will be suspended until
further notice. This will affect the following payments that are made directly to the SBA.

1 Senior entity team registration
2 Junior entity team registration
3 Player and spectator entry card
4 Junior SBA fee

For all other registration fee enquiries, members will need to contact their individual domestic clubs
directly. In the case of non-club teams (entity teams), please contact your nominated team registration

At this stage, as we do not have a commencement date for the 2020 Winter Season, refunds will be
honoured if requested. I would like to take the opportunity to assure all members that we are planning
for the 2020 Winter season to go ahead, the commencement date will be subject to Federal and State
Government recommendations.

Best Regards

Craig Weir
Southern Basketball Association