Sabres Junior Program Update 8th of July

Sabres Junior Program Update 8th of July

Sabres Junior Program Q and A

Following the cancellation of the 2020 VJBL season by Basketball Victoria on Tuesday the 8th of July, we have put together a quick Q and A for Sabres parents who may have questions.


Question 1         What will happen to the fees that I paid for the 2020 VJBL season?

Answer               A 50% credit for all players who have paid their 2020 fees in full will be applied to their 2021 fees. Parents can request a 50% refund for the 2020 fees if required, providing the 2020 fees were paid in full.


Question          If my child was top age Under 18, what are the options to play for Sabres in 2020?

Answer               Your child is eligible to try out for the Under 21 Sabres.


Question 3          If my child is unsuccessful in the 2021 tryouts and I paid my 2020 fees in full, will I still receive a 50% refund?

Answer               Yes


Question 4         When will the 2021 try outs start?

Answer               Tryouts for non-Sabres players who play in our Under 12 and Under 14 Boys and Girls SBA domestic competitions are scheduled to run between Monday the 14th and Thursday the 17th of September 2020. Tryouts for all of our 2020 Sabres players will commence on the weekend of Friday the 2nd, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of October. These dates are subject to Victorian Government Guidelines and will change if necessary.


Question 5         Can I return my uniform if my child decides not to try out for the 2021 season?

Answer               Unfortunately we cannot process refunds for uniform purchases.


Question 6         Since my child made a Sabres team for 2020, does that mean they automatically qualify for a Sabres team in 2021?

Answer               All players will need to tryout for the 2021 VJBL season.


Question 7         Will I have the same coach in 2021?

Answer               Coaching selection will be conducted independently of the 2021 tryouts with a majority of coaches changing teams.


Question 8          Do I still need to collect the outstanding Sabres gear that I ordered at the start of the season?

Answer               Yes. COVID-19 caused delays in our suppliers manufacturing but all goods ordered will be delivered over the next few weeks.