VJBL ENTRY – Basketball Victoria

We are back to games on Friday night after a bit of a school holiday break. You should all know this but it may be worth passing it on so venue staff don’t have to deal with aggressive parents who think the rules shouldn’t apply to them.

As per the Basketball Victoria ‘Return to Sport Update’, we will be still be at the Orange-50 Reactivation level, which means a maximum of 50 people per court area/game and a maximum number of 300 people per space. (Click here to download the latest Return to Sport Guidelines)

Therefore, the VJBL are still implementing the ‘1 Spectator Per Player Rule’. 

Masks are currently mandatory for all patrons over 12 years of age at all times indoors (state-wide) unless medically exempt. Players, coaches and referees are exempt while on court participating in an exertive role, however, must be worn while not playing and on entry and exit of stadium.

Associations should ensure that players are informed that they are not permitted to enter any venue, more than 10 minutes prior to their game, and they should leave within 10 minutes of the game being completed.


BV Management