The Cage Launches! Your Questions Answered

As we launch our new SBA Training Court – The Cage – the SBA is providing some answers to all of our member questions.

Q             How many people can be on a shooting machine at once?

A             Up to four ​players at the same time can use each machine. The cost per machine per hour is $20. 

Q             How many shots can I shoot in an hour?

A             You can shoot as many shots as you can get up!  Professionals can get upwards of 800 shots in an hour. Some junior may get around 250.

Q             Will someone be able to assist me in starting the shooting machine?

A             Yes, we will have a coach court-side to assist all players.

Q             Who is allowed to book the shooting machines?

A             All the machines are available for all Southern Basketball Association members.

Q             Can I enter my details into the shooting machine?

A             Yes, you can log all of your workouts by entering your phone number and creating your own account. You can keep track of your workouts this way.

Q             Am I allowed to book it for my team to train on?

A             Yes. Your team or your whole club can book a machine for several hours or the whole court; subject to availability. The cost for hiring the whole court is $100 for an hour.

Q             Could I have my birthday party in The Cage?

A             Yes, you can book the entire cage (4 shooting machines and 2 home court dribbling stations) subject to availability.

Q             How old do I have to be to book a shooting machine in The Cage?

A             You need to be playing in our Under 12 competition or above. The balls come out quickly and the nets are high to promote a high shooting arc. They are designed this way to improve your shooting technique.

Q             What are the TVs for? 

A             The TVs are for our Home Court dribbling and ball-handling stations. You can work on your handle while watching yourself on the app. You can also test yourself against NBA and WNBA players. The cost of the Home Court dribbling station is $10 for half an hour.