The SBA is pleased to announce that our Stadium Entry Cards will now be an e-card, not a physical card stored on your phone via Team App

Utilizing TeamApp, you will be able to sign up and pay for the e-card on your phone and your stadium membership will be available and valid within minutes. Now you won’t have to worry about looking for your card or enquire as to when it will be available for pick up.

The cost will remain unchanged at $25.

To order your Stadium Entry Card for the 2022 Autumn Season, please follow the link below.

Link to team app:

Note: E -Stadium Entry Cards will be available to order form May 24th 2021 via Team App

This E-Stadium Entry Card entitles the cardholder entry into our stadiums for Domestic Games (excluding finals), the cards are only required for players and spectators over 18 years of age unless playing up in the senior competitions which is U20’s and above.

You must purchase the E-Stadium Entry Card in your own name and note that they are not transferable. If you choose not to order online, we will still accept the $4.00 entry fee on entry.