Skylight Roofing

Skylight Roofing

Dear Members,

You will notice that our Tulip street facility is now bathed in natural light and that the stadium looks fantastic.

The SBA had previously consulted with the Bayside City Council about cleaning the skylight panels across all four courts.

After an inspection by the Council, it was deemed that the panels were too brittle to withstand the pressure cleaning required to allow natural light into the stadium. It was agreed that the panels would be replaced with minimal disruption to operations at the SBA.

As part of the SBA’s lease agreement with the Bayside City Council, the council is responsible for roofing maintenance. The replacement of the skylight panels has come at no cost to the SBA.

The natural light will also reduce the number of lights the SBA uses during the day, reducing costs and lessening our impact on the environment.

The SBA would like to take this opportunity to thank the Bayside City Council for their co-operation with the installation of our new skylights.


Craig Weir