SBA Return to Sport – 29.7.21

Dear SBA members,

The SBA is currently working within the restrictions placed on indoor community sport by the Victorian Government. It is very challenging at this time.

We acknowledge that having no spectators raises a number of concerns but we would like to inform all of our members that we have a number of protocols in place for all of our venues:

  • One Referee Supervisor per SBA venue , First Aid Certified;
  • Referees have been instructed that if a child needs assistance, the game can be stopped and resumed once the player has been attended to;
  • A Covid Marshall is present at all SBA venues;
  • A doorkeeper is present at all SBA venues;
  • First Aid certified SBA staff and coaches will be frequenting all venues;
  • Players, coach and scorers will be asked to exit the stadium in their teams;
  • If a team is unable to play, forfeit fees will not apply in this instance;
  • Players, coach and scorer to arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the game;
  • On completion of each game, players , coach and scorer are required to exit straight away;
  • When the stadium has been cleared, all participants for the next game will be granted entry.

Entry and exit for all venues are as follows:

  • Tulip Street: enter main doors / exit side doors on Court 1;
  • Mentone Grammar: enter main doors / exit side door carpark;
  • Mentone Girls Secondary: enter main entrance / exit side entrance;
  • Parkdale Secondary: enter main entrance / exit back entrance. Exit arrows will be visible;
  • Cheltenham Secondary: enter main entrance / exit back door.


  • The SBA Covid plan has been approved and implemented.
  • All people over 12 years of age will need to scan in using the QR Code or sign in manually. Doorkeepers are there to assist where required;
  • All people 12 years of age and over are required to wear a mask when at all times when in the stadium.
  • Mask for players and the coach are not required when they commence their warm-up on court and for the duration of the game; they are required to be worn when entering and exiting venues.


When exiting previous hard lock downs, basketball has taken between 2- 6 weeks to return to full capacity. In this instance we have been fortunate to return along with outdoor sport but the restrictions are high. It is great to for the kids to be back to where they should be: playing basketball with their friends.

SBA Management