SBA Domestic Grand Final Update

Dear SBA Members,

Welcome to the Gas Guyz Autumn 2021 SBA junior Domestic Grand Final weekend!!!

This is our first Grand Final weekend since the onset of the global pandemic in March 2020 and as such our Grand Final weekend will look different to previous years. Despite being limited by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the SBA still wants to make it an exciting and upbeat weekend for all of our players, spectators and officials!

To that end, there are a few things that all of our members need to be aware of before the weekend kicks-off.

Spectators and Facemasks:

We are still limited to two spectators per player across the entire weekend and a 300 patron capacity in the venue at any one time.

All spectators over the age of 12 are asked to wear a mask at all times. Players, coaches and referees do not have to wear masks during their games, but if over the age of 12, will need to put it on when entering and exiting the Southern Basketball Centre.

SBA Livestream:

In an exciting development, the SBA are going to be livestreaming each junior Domestic Grand Final via twitch. We will set-up iPads on each court to show each game so those parents, grand-parents siblings and friends who are unable to make the games can watch on from home. Links will be sent out later this week. Our streaming will be subject to the stadiums internet signal however it may be intermittent at times due to usage.

Presenting of Medals:

Unfortunately, to ensure that we are staying below our state government mandated cap of 300 patron capacity, spectators, players and officials will not be able to congregate upstairs in our social room to watch the presentation of medallions to our GF winners and runners-up.

The GF winner and runner-up medallions, as well as the MVP award will be given to the coaches of each team courtside at the conclusion of each game.

We ask that once each team has received their medals from the SBA official, they exit from the court as quickly as possible to enable the next teams to commence their warm up. Outside, each team can conduct their own small medal ceremony and distribute the medallions amongst their own players.

We know this is not the same as previous years, but it is necessary to ensure we stay at 300 patron capacity.


Again, due to our number restrictions, there will be no outside bbq this year.

During 2020, we lost two domestic Grand Final weekends due to the pandemic. We were all incredibly frustrated and disappointed. Despite the restrictions we have in place, we want this coming SBA Gas Guyz domestic Grand Final weekend to be a huge success and a real thrill for all of the players and their families.

We look forward to seeing you across the weekend!

SBA Management