A nomination for life membership for David Barlow was submitted and endorsed by Scott Harvey and Andrew Stavropoulos.

SBA Director, Jason Shuggg ran the review process as detailed in the Life Membership Criteria policy. An awards committee, comprising Jason Shugg (Board Member), Dean Cartwright (Board Member), Craig Weir (CEO), Frank Russo (Life Member), Craig Leith (Life Member) and Lisa Mouncer (President, Bullits), convened to confirm the eligibility criteria of ‘direct and exceptional contribution’ to the SBA and made a recommendation to the Board to endorse the nomination.

The SBA Board unanimously endorsed the nomination of David Barlow for life membership.

Scott Harvey spoke to the nomination for David who started as a junior player at Sandringham and has represented the Sabres throughout his basketball career and have continued to served and supported the SBA in a variety of roles.

The Chairperson asked for a show of hands regarding the election of David Barlow as a Life Member, noting a 75% majority of eligible votes was required. The vote was carried unanimously by a show of hands.

The SBA would like to formally welcome and congratulate David on his Life Membership.

2023 AGM Minutes 02102023 DRAFT

On 2nd October 2023 after the Annual General Meeting, the newly elected Board held a meeting to agree the following office bearer positions.

  • President – Phil McFarlane
  • Vice President – Gerrik Gratz
  • Treasurer – Natalie Hughes
  • Secretary – Anne-Maree Nunan
  • Director – Jason Shugg
  • Director – Dean Cartwright
  • Director – Michelle Scalzi