Sabres VJBL Season Award Winners 2021

The SBA are pleased to finally release our award winners for the 2021 VJBL season. Even though we’ve had another COVID interrupted season, we managed to get enough VJBL games away earlier in the season to be able to recognise award winners for 2021.

Unfortunately for the second year in a row, our Sabres Presentation Day needed to be cancelled. We will be contacting team managers and parents about how to collect trophies once we are back inside the stadium.

Our awards announcement includes:
– Team MVPs and Coaches Awards for all of our Junior Sabres (voted on weekly by our Sabres coaches);
– Roger Morris Coaches of the Year Awards for our VC teams and our VJBL teams;
– Rob Lunardon Players of the Year Awards for our VC teams and our VJBL teams;
– Sabres Victorian Championship Referee of the Year 2021;
– Judy Barlow Volunteer Award 2021;

Our Player of the Year Awards are named for Sabres player Rob Lunardon who passed away tragically. More information on Rob’s story and the beginnings of the award can be found here:

We are also pleased to be able to continue with our “Sabres for Life” initiative which recognises players that have given at least seven years of consecutive service to the Sabres program. Players receive a commemorative hoodie and their photo on the Sabres for Life wall on court 1. We will be contacting award winners with details on how to collect once we are back inside the stadium.

Congratulations to all of our award winners!


Sabres Special Award winners:

Special Awards
Roger Morris – VJL Boys Coach of the Year 2021 Mark Findlay – 18.4 Boys
Roger Morris – VJL Girls Coach of the Year 2021 Tim Barber – 12.2 Girls
Roger Morris – VC Boys Coach of the Year 2021 Michael McIness – 12.1 Boys
Roger Morris – VC Girls Coach of the Year 2021 Cal Charge – 12.1 Girls
Sabres Victorian Championship Referee of the Year 2021 Paige Gilchrist
Robert Lunardon Award – VJL Boys Player of the Year 2021 Michael Aminov – 18.2 Boys
Robert Lunardon Award – VJL Girls Player of the Year 2021 Mila Delaney – 12.2 Girls
Robert Lunardon Award – VC Boys Player of the Year 2021 Oscar Humble – 16.1 Boys
Robert Lunardon Award – VC Girls Player of the Year 2021 Isla Airey – 16.1 Girls
Judy Barlow Volunteer Award 2021 Lisa Blogg – TM VYC Men


Sabres VJBL Team MVP and Coaches Award winners:

TEAM DIV M.V.P. Coaches Award
U12-1 Girls VC Holly Kearney Rachael Verwoert
U12-1 Boys VC Henry Darker Jacob Murphy
U12-2 Girls VJL 1 Mila Delaney Eadie Gersbach
U12-2 Boys VJL 2 Tex Robertson Jack Smith
U12-3 Girls VJL 2 Olivia Renkin Zara Long
U12-3 Boys VJL 2 Lachlan Smith Tate Onley
U12-4 Girls VJL 3 Eliza Oliver Lucy Watterson
U12-4 Boys VJL 3 Joshua Mooney Harrison Lonsdale Coates
U12.5 Boys VJL 6 Piotr Madziala Toby Cooke
U12.6 Boys VJL 6 Joseph Eaton Oscar Van Kouwen
U14-1 Girls VC Ella Wickstrom Maddie Angus
U14-1 Boys VJL 1 Joshua Blaikie Kobe Donovan
U14-2 Girls VJL 3 Jess Comas Grace Marinelli
U14-2 Boys VJL 4 Hamish Beazley Joshua Lewis
U14-3 Girls VJL 3 Charli Whitaker Taya Woolhouse
U14-3 Boys VJL 7 Lincoln Sharpe Edward Humphrey
U14-4 Girls VJL 5 Sienna Widger Evie Taylor
U14-4 Boys VJL 7 Darcy Harwood Oscar Luxmoore
U14.5 Girls VJL 7 Pippa Cameron Mila Verbec
U14-5 Boys VJL 9 Aiden Taylor Benjamin McDonald
U14-6 Boys VJL 9 Gilbert Etienne Ryder Davis
U16-1 Girls VC Isla Airey Sierra Woolhouse
U16-1 Boys VC Oscar Humble Luca Cavarra
U16-2 Girls VJL 4 Josephine Friend Emily Zallmann
U16-2 Boys VJL 3 Gus Dowling Max Curtin
U16-3 Girls VJL 4 Phoebe Pratt Amelie Naffine
U16-3 Boys VJL 4 Thomas Astl Robert Tuohey
U16-4 Girls VJL 4 Cassie Whitaker Ruby Brabner
U16-4 Boys VJL 5 Oliver Moodie William Finch
U16.5 Girls VJL 6 Jorja Stahlhut Georgia Kapetanas
U16.5 Boys VJL 8 Tom Hutchison Nathan Page
U18-1 Girls VC Jaida Reid Katie Ritchie
U18-1 Boys VC Jensen Bradtke Wilson Amos
U18-2 Girls VJL 3 Ashley Robinson Keely Coyne
U18-2 Boys VJL 2 Michael Aminov Elliot Brown
U18-3 Girls VJL 4 Mia Callow Alyssa Welsh
U18-3 Boys VJL 3 Hayden Whitaker Jack Scalzi
U18-4 Boys VJL 6 Josh Clark Declan Johns
U18-5 Boys VJL 8 Josh Clarke Matthew Young

Sabres for Life 2021 Inductees:

Sabres Girls Program Singlet # Years of Service
Katie Ritchie 24 2014-2021
Maya Dear 12 2014-2021
Jemima O’Toole 22 2014-2021
Alannah Jackson 42 2014-2021
Chloe Arbuckle 10 2015-2021
Sabres Boys Program Singlet # Years of Service
William Brown 52 2014-2021
Hugo Garrow 20 2014-2021
Thomas Nash 8 2015-2021
Jack Carter 34 2015-2021
Hayden Whitaker 30 2015-2021
Jack Weir 5 2015-2021
James Hilford 10 2015-2021
Flynn Gaywood 44 2015-2021
Josh Cotton 18 2014-2021
Sam Ralph 8 2014-2021
Mason Cartwright 22 2014-2021
Earl Delahunty 2 2015-2021