Sabres Boys Coaching Panel

Nathan Crosswell is pleased to announce the Sabres Junior Boys coaching panel for the 2019 VJBL season.  “We have some new faces joining the club as well as some established names who will be looking to help our players get better.”

The Under 12 boys will be headed by Mervyn Christian, who returns to Sabres after a long hiatus. Evan Vallance returns as the Under 14.1 Head Coach. “Evan is a great fit for the Under 14 age group. He took the Under 14.1 to VC this past season and wants to continue with the age group. He had a long playing career with the Sabres and wants to help bring through the next generation.”

Aron Assey will lead the Under 16 age group after coaching the 18.2 boys for the last two seasons. “Aron has been coaching for a while with the Sabres. This opportunity to coach a first team will be excellent for his development as a coach. He will learn a lot.”

The Under 18 Boys will be coached by Brian Moyle. “Brian is experienced and is a great fit for the Under 18 age group, while Nigel Carpay moves from the Under 12 age group back up to the Under 21s.”

“We’ve got a dedicated group of coaches and leaders. Our players are fortunate to have them as coaches. We can’t wait fr the tryout process to begin so we can get stuck into team selection.”

2018 MUVJBL Sabres Junior Boys program Head Coaches:

Under 12.1 Mervyn Christian

Under 14.1 Evan Vallance

Under 16.1 Aron Assey

Under 18.1 Brian Moyle

Under 21.1 Nigel Carpay