“Our Future Together 2018 -2021” SBA’s Vision & Strategy Launched

The Southern Basketball Association (the SBA) is pleased to publish its vision and strategy ‘Our Future Together 2018 – 2021’.

The Vision & Strategy is as a result of a consultation process that started in February 2018 and involved many members and stakeholders.

This is just the beginning of the process and engagement, which will change the way the SBA works and also create a culture that will sustain growth in the long term.  It is very much a long term vision; it will take time to build the SBA to where it aspires to be and to build participation from the grassroots creating a bigger and better pool of players and officials – as well as increasing the awareness and profile of Basketball across all age groups and our region.

The passionate people who support the teams, play the games, and administer our member clubs, and representative teams at every level are the focus of this strategy. The SBA Board along with our CEO and Operational Team are now responsible for leading, co-ordinating and supporting efforts to implement the Strategy.  The document identifies 5 interlinked strategic pillars, underpinned by 23 strategic priorities. The next step is to develop the actions plans to deliver these with milestones and targets against which progress will be measured. The Board will report back regularly on process.

“The Board is grateful for the support of our Member Clubs, Life Members, Members, Officials and stakeholders for their commitment and engagement through the consultation process” said Peter Ryan, SBA President.

“The time is right to be taking on the challenge of transforming the SBA with a new Board in place and the launch of the new courts project with our partners the Bayside City Council. We have made the first steps in building the relationships to foster belief and confidence in the new SBA and we look forward to making progress in the months and years ahead” Peter said.

“This Board is determined to govern for all, not just a few. We are proud of our achievements to date and we look forward to creating a vibrant and sustainable Future Together”.

The document ‘Our Future Together 2018 – 2021′ can be downloaded from here.

If you have any questions or enquiries please contact the SBA Board via email secretary@sabres.com.au

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018