Glory League x Southern Basketball Association!!

We’re excited to let you know that from the 10th of July, Southern Basketball will be launching Glory League; a world-first automated video platform for amateur basketball that makes everyday players feel like pros. The new feature has only been installed at the Southern Basketball Centre (Tulip Street) and will not be instated in the outside venues connected with the Association.

Using AI camera technology and automated game recording Glory League elevates the experience of amateur basketball players by providing everyone with professional-grade, full-game videos, automated personalised highlight reels, and stats that are captured automatically every time you play on one of our Glory League-equipped courts.

Glory League provides members with a unique post-game experience that includes:

  1. Access to all your full game videos and highlights for your review and enjoyment on the Glory League platform.
  2. The option to tag advanced stats, enabling you to create and watch your own custom highlight reels and improve your performance.
  3. Tools to review and analyse game footage, helping players, coaches, and referees further develop their skills and understanding of the game.
  4. The ability to share your highlights with your family and friends.

All Southern Basketball players and coaches will receive automatic enrolment in Glory League. Following your first game on a Glory League-enhanced court you’ll receive a welcome email from Glory League with a login link to your new account.

Once your game video has been uploaded and encoded you will also receive a notification in your email with a link to the game video.

We can’t wait to see all the amazing highlights from the Southern Basketball community, don’t forget to tag @sandringhamsabres_ on Instagram.
To learn more visit visit and watch:

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