Dear SBA members,

In accordance with the State Governments latest ease in restrictions , the following conditions now apply at the Southern Basketball Centre and Parkdale Secondary College for the semi finals this weekend.

Entry is not permitted until 10mins prior to your game commencing

Only one (1) spectator per player, spectators are required to enter with the player, entry will not be permitted without the player.

One Coach per team

Team Managers and Scorers are to be from the allocated one spectator per player and not extras.  If a team has two coaches only one can attend or must be from the allocated spectator

Masks must be worn by all people 12 years of age or older entering and whilst in the stadium, players may remove them when they start their warm-up on the court.

As soon as each game is completed all players and spectators are required to exit, team reviews are not permitted.

Where possible social distancing must be maintained

QR codes are to be scanned by all adults and children who have a mobile phone, otherwise written registration is required

Support staff will be at all entrances and exits, please support them in there roles

Sunday’s NBL1 match-up against Albury/Wodonga will be capped at 100 spectators.


SBA Management