Child Safety Communication for Members

19 February 2020


Dear SBA Community


Child safety is our number one priority at the SBA and we are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children. 

This communication provides information on the policies and procedures we have in place to help protect the safety of children and ensure we comply with laws and regulations, as well as Basketball Victoria requirements.

Everyone who participates in our Association’s activities is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment. Southern Basketball Association has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that, when given responsibility for young people, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff members and parents, we provide them with the highest possible standard of care.

Following is a description of the policies, procedures and system used to ensure our obligations are met.

Child Protection Policy and Procedure:

The aim of the SBA’s Child Protection Policy is to promote good practice, provide children and young people with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of Southern Basketball Association, and to allow staff and volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues.

Our Child Protection Procedure sets out:

  • the Association’s commitment to child protection;
  • the screening process for people in our Association who work, coach, supervise or have regular unsupervised contact with people under the age of 18 years;
  • what constitutes good and poor practice when dealing with minors; and
  • how to effectively respond to incidents of abuse.

Working with Children Check and Member Protection Declaration:

All adult Coaches, Team Managers, Officials and other Volunteers of the SBA, working at Domestic and Representative level with anyone under the age of 18, is required to provide a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) and Member Protection statutory declaration (valid for 2 & 1/2 years).  If you don’t have a WWCC you can apply for one here.  There is no cost for Volunteers.


To manage and monitor our compliance regarding Working with Children Checks and Member Protection Declarations, we use the system Everproof.  Everproof is our technology of choice for managing all Child Safety compliance needs and it is a requirement that all Domestic Coaches and Team Managers who work with junior teams are registered in the system. The system provides a secure (encrypted) online portal for storing information and importantly monitors all registered WWCCs to ensure ongoing compliance and currency.

If you are a Coach or TM, please make contact with your Club or the SBA if you do not yet have an account with Everproof.  Users have ownership of their account and control over who they share their personal information with.  It is essential that your compliance is maintained at all times.

Play by the Rules Training Courses:

The Southern Basketball Association has also introduced a requirement that all Coaches, Team Managers and Officials complete two online training courses:

Play by the Rules – Child Protection Course

Play by the Rules – Harassment and Discrimination Course

These courses will take approximately 15 minutes each to complete and we highly recommended taking these.  While it is mandatory for Coaches, Team Managers and Officials, the courses are available to anyone who would like to complete the training.

Codes of Conduct:

The Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct set out the expectations of all who participate in basketball – Administrators, Coaches, Officials, Parents, Players and Spectators.  Breaches to the Codes of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.

Member Protection:

The BV Member Protection by-law sets out the procedures to be followed in dealing with Harassment, Discrimination and Vilification in an effective, appropriate and timely manner.  The by-law provides a procedure for informal and formal resolution of complaints and a procedure for the appeal of such complaints.

It also sets out a procedure for protection of minors in basketball by the establishment of proper screening procedures for persons working with minors (including providing a WWCC as required by law under the Working with Children Act 2005 and Member Protection Declaration).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding child safety, please contact Craig Weir at


For and on behalf of

SBA Board