Australia & New Zealand Basketball Scouts


Business Description:

Australia and New Zealand Basketball Scouts (ANZBS) has been established to assist athletes in a variety of areas.

ANZBS counsels prospective student-athletes and their families on the recruiting process and initial NCAA/NJCAA/NAIA eligibility and promote players to US/Canadian Colleges/Universities.


ANZBS also assists Professional and semi-Professional players wanting to pursue a basketball career in Australia / NZ and overseas within State Leagues.


ANZBS has been involved with grassroots scouting for the NBL ProCombine (Next Gen Camp) here in Australia since inception in 2016 and have also become the Australasian Scouting component for ChampionsID, the first Global Marketplace of Career Solutions for Athletes that aims to provide visibility, opportunities and world class solutions to key problems they are facing and by creating a free profile there there as well to assist in their aspirations in Europe.

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