SBA Junior Domestic Update June 26th

SBA Junior Domestic Update June 26th

Dear SBA Members,

I acknowledge that it must feel that you are being inundated at the moment with all the updates but unfortunately the information we need to review is coming in on a regular basis. The SBA will be implementing the following restrictions for the opening of the Spring Domestic Season.

Spectators for U 9 & U 10 competition

1 Coach, 1 Team Manager, 1 scorer and 1 parent for every two players per team per game

E.g.: A team with 8 players can have,

1 coach, 1 team manager 1 scorer and 4 additional parents in total (7 adults)

Spectators for U12, U14,U16 & U18

1 coach, 1 team manager & 1 scorer per team per game


Game conditions:

  • Normal tip off to start the games will be in place.
  • No time outs will be permitted by either coach , referee time outs are allowed.
  • Players, Coach and Team Manager ¬†must adhere to social distancing when sitting on the bench
  • All people who enter the stadium must sanitise their hands on arrival.
  • Drink bottles are not to be shared under any circumstances
  • All adults entering the stadium must provide their name and mobile phone number
  • As soon as the game is completed, all players and adults must make their way to the exit. Under no circumstances are coaches and players permitted to meet after the game whilst in the stadium.
  • Players are not permitted to shake hands after the game, nor are coaches and team managers.
  • Scorers are required to adhere to the 1.5 mt distancing regulation whilst scoring
  • Sanitised wipes and hand sanitiser are available for each team on each side of the scorers bench as well as a pedal operated rubbish bin for the ball wipes to be disposed in.

Craig Weir