Back In Motion Clayton


Providers of Physiotherapy and related services: Clinical Exercise, Massage, Personal Training, Hydrotherapy, Running Assessments, Gait Analysis.

For over 10 years, the Back In Motion Health Group has been providing Australians with physiotherapy and related services. Like most great stories the growth from humble beginnings to a budding group of hard working, devoted and caring physiotherapists rose from an unwavering vision. To offer a physiotherapy service of the highest quality with a strong philosophy of care that would seek to provide lasting results for those sick of endless quick fixes. We provide a holistic solution that enables clients to get what they want out of physiotherapy, perhaps getting back to sport, back to work, back to living, or just doing what they loved but were unable to do. By utilising the benefits of a broader range of clinical methods including clinical Pilates, massage, dry needling, and hydrotherapy and more all under the expert guidance of a physiotherapist, Back In Motion has been able to give its clients not only a great experience, but also the outcome they wanted.

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